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Product Detail : Sale of the condemned unserviceable (t&p), surplus and scarp materials, G.l, Union, G.l HCX nipple, G.l Reducing Elbow, G.l Reducing Tee, G.l Reducing Socket, G.l cross, G.l short bend, G.l 3 way Elbow, G.l 4 way Tee, Line Oiler 1 Pint capacity, Greeting 6", Steel wire rope 12mm dia, Wire rope pully block double, sleeve 3/4", Wire rope pully btock double, sleeve 1/2", Wire rope sealing 1" x 3 mtr, turn buckle 3/4", Rubber washer 4", Salitax board 4' x 4' x LfZ", Tractor Rear tyre L2.4xLL.28, tube, weigh machine , platform type, Water proof double fly tent 14 x, Samiana double fly with poles, C.S paste for tarfelt, Sy Enamel paint LB S gray, Sy Enamel paint sky blue, Manila rope 32mm, Expansion joint (Salitax), 41x41x25mm, Gauge plate 0 to Lmtr, Waterproofing compound, Armourd cable 95mm2 x3 tf2", Tyre 8.25 x 20, tractor trolley tyre 7.5O xL6, Tube 7.50 x 16, 4" clamp 4" victaulic pipe, drill rod, gauge plate, complete with rubber washer, M.S shutter Gr-4, Gauge plate 0 to 5mtr, Gauge plate 3', Wire rope clamp 3/8", Forged shackle with pin 1/2", Forged shackle pin 5/8", wire rope clamp, M.S bolt, Copper sheet, NX casing with coupling, M.S bend, Pneumatic Air hose, Drill steel rod 8'-0", M.5 aldrop L6 x 250mm, MS handle 100mm, M.S Towler bolt L2x125mm, Light gray paint, Pink primer 3556/56, Enamel white, Enamel black2933175, Enamel Redoxide, O/S Redoxide primer 2074/62, 5y Enl white, Black japan paint, Yellow paint, Upper & Lower half casing with, bolts, nuts & pin suitable for 4 UP, 3.30 pump Prt., S.S pipe 50mm, Off set 100m 75mm project, without cover, D/ with door 100mm, Cowel L00mm, Pass over pipe 50mm, Flexing cystern with fitting, H.C.l. Pipe 2" x 1'-0", Vent trap 4" x2", 100 M.S Tee, 100M.S. Ply, Suction hose 5", Collar for 30" Hume pipe, Box type telescopic scew gear, outlet shutter for.9" Hume pipe, Victoluic pipe 4", Collar for 225mm Hume pipe, box type telescopic shutter 230x450x50mm made out, of 4mm thick plate with 540mm, long 50mm dia, H/R of Babunuagaon Mr-lW.O., 744mm x 1+0580mm length of rod, 900mm (telescopic shutter made, of 6mm thick M.S plate, 50x50x6mm M.S angle), H/R of Kansbahal Mr-lllW.O., 700mm x 1+0.900mm length of, rod 700mm( Telescopic shufter, made of 5 mm thick M.S plate 250, x 50 x 5mm M.S. angle), H/R of Badanugan Mr-llW.O., 600m x 700m length of rod, 900mm (Telescopic shutter made, out of 6mm thick M.S. plate, SxSOxGmm M.S. affi}*, M.S slinding type shutter of outlet,, M.S angle & 5mm, skin flated & basing with guide, way channel in allfour sides with, G.l. Pipe & with 25mm & forged, screw gear rod of length 800mm, operating Key painting etc., complete., Collar for 1000mm hume pipe NP2, Precast RCM 150 out let 15 cum dia, Precast RCC M-150 turnout (Divn., Box) for 1 cum 2 flow, RCC collar 36" Hume pipe, Collar for 48" dla hurne pipe, RCC hume pipe 450 x 2.50mtr., Rectangular Tank 10'x4'x4', G.l. Barbed wire L2 SWG x 12, SWGx2Ply 3" x 4", HIR of Kadam bahal Mr. W.O., 530/x1to 700m length Telescopic, A.C. ridges, Duromangan Electrode 5mm, S.W pipe 4", Cable 3 1./2 core 12Amm2, Table lamp terry type, Flat bet 5" x 5 ply for crusher, Air inlet valve handle, Durry spl. Quality L5'x12r, M.S handle L25mm, HCI pipe kanti, Flexible coupling half 391, Grouting hose 1 LfZ" inner, Tressel, Flat trolley with wheel, Wire rope 8mm dia, Tube 8.25 x 20, Lynx stevension's with iron stand, M.S Rod, Front wheel outer 312, Head gasket kit 312, Top pinion Hss 312, Front W/C bucket 312, Rear W/C bucket 312, CLutch plate, Rear wheel 8.25 x 20, Empty cement gunny bag, Rod 20mm dia, S.W pipe, Screen filter L49767, Joist 200 x 100 (65 Nos) (Assuming, 3.0sMT), G.C.l sheet 2.25 mtr, RCC Collar 4" dia, Cowel, A.C Sheet, Miscellaneous items , Revolving chair, Steel almirah 78"x34"xL8", Steel chair with arm, Weigh Machine l Ton capacity, avery make sl No. 856483, Truck ORS 3457 (ln scrap condition, with srrt chassis & rusted steel, body with out any relevant, records) (Considering appfox., Mechanical Jack 30 Ton capacity., Screw driver 12", D.E Spanner 6mm to 32mm, Plier 8", Tarpoline 8x5mtr, UP SET PRICE, Long bench Sal wood, Wooden chair with Arm nylon seat, & back, Chair made out of Piasal wood 75", angle, Pisomatic Compass t/Amm6 wirh, leather case, Halogen lamp, Kidoskar rnake type O52156'Si+rgle, phase Mono black Pump No-, Khaitan 12" Fresh ,Air Fan, Dam flood light fitting 500 Watt, Halogen, Dumpy level instrument No- 57075, without Stand, Dumpy level instrument No- 57075, without Stand, Lock, Klick lock, Hand Roller l Ton capacity, Hand Roller 2 Ton capacity, Measurement Tape metalic 15mtr, Cron bar, Wooden table with drawer, Sunmica Tap size 5'x3'2'-1", Tarpauline 23'-00"x20'-0", Telescopic Type MS Shutter plate, Scrap Materials, A.C. Sheet 3 mtr, Fire wood, G.l. Pipe, Coltar, Tee, Tower bolt, Reducer, Core box, Victoluic pipe, MS angie 50x50x6m, P.V.C. water stop, A.C. ridges, Sign board - 20"x6", Plastic P.V.C. Pipe, MS H.R. shutter 06", MS H.R. shutter 04", Empty barrel 200ltr, MS Joist 200mm x
Tender Location : Orissa (Odisha) - India
Document Path : Can be viewed by Subscribers
Tender Closing Date : 7/03/2022 at 00:00 Hrs.
Tender Opening Date : 10/03/2022 at 00:00 Hrs.
Sub-Industry/Industry : Water Storage and Supply - Construction   
Essential Product,Face,Mask,Sanitizers,Gloves etc.
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